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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Choose the Right Handbags?

dear shoppers,

i saw this article and would like to share with u guys.....
happy reading whilst browsing/shopping here...*lol*

handbags are now becoming one of the most important accessories that can make or break a savvy women entire look.

there are so many assortments of handbags you can find in the market today, ranging from branded purses to designer-inspired ones and from the tiniest evening bags to the largest messenger bags.

different kinds of fashion handbags are the reason why a women seems to be not contented with one or two handbags. and it is no longer a surprise that a women's closet can keep a line of handbag.

when looking for a handbag it is important to consider practically, quality, style and value for money.

however,it is also important to pick the right choice of handbags that can match with your personality and outfits. in order to make it possible, you have to get the best style and consider your fashion sense.

there are different kinds of fabrics, leathers, colors textures and styles of handbags that are available. it is really important to choose a handbag that best suits your own desire and the purpose of buying it as you shop.

following the latest fashion trends of handbags and buying the most expensive designer handbags may not make you shine. rather buying the right handbag that matches your figure and personality is the key consideration.

bear in mind that anything you wear there must be some coordination and balance with your body. for some women who are fashion enthusiasts, choosing and matching handbags comes naturally and is simple but for others it may not be the case.

here are some guidelines to help you in choosing the right handbags.

1. select the right size of handbag
the first thing to consider before buying a handbag is to know the right size of a handbag is to know the right size of a handbag for your body type. according to most fashion experts if you are short and petite, choose small handbags to go with your outfits. by selecting big handbags will only make you look smaller. if you are tall and slim, you may choose mid-size, bulky and large handbags because these sizes will best suit your stature rather than small handbags.

2. pick the right shape of handbag
choosing the right shape of handbag for your body type is another consideration before buying it. carrying a handbag that is proportionate to your body stature really helps to enhance your overall look. your choice of handbag shape should be reserve of your body type. if you are short and petite, tall and rectangular bag is suitable for you to make you look elevated. if you are slim and tall, you should choose rounded handbag to best match your look.

3. choose color that complements your outfit
for fashion enthusiasts, matching the color of handbag to your outfit and shoes are equally important. if you are sporty and fun type, you may try buying a colorful handbag that has dominant colors that will match most of your clothes. for the more pragmatic type, you may buy a plain color neutral handbag and black may be a popular choice as it always comes in style and fashion. brown and white colors are also easy match with most of your clothes.

4. choose styles and designs according to occasion
every occasion, place and season calls for different styles and designs of handbags. be sure that you choose a handbag that complements well to the particular occasion and place.

looking for the best combination of style, price and value of handbags is indeed challenging, but it is still a fact that such accessories are among the most important of all fashion trends, and that can provide a certain pleasure to any woman who carries it.

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