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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Name-Your-Price (Part 2-2011)

great news ladies,

i'm planning to have 'name-your- price' part 2-2011.

1. i'll post the minimum & maximum price of each items.
2. what u need to do is just email me ur best n.y.p. (in between min. & max.), as simple as that....
3. there's of course closing time. i will not entertain any n.y.p. emails after the said closing time.
4. the highest n.y.p. will win. i will post & email to the respective person.
5. that person will need to make the payment at least 2 days after the announcement and all items are excluding postage.

just a friendly reminder, once the 2 days are up, it'll be released to the second highest price, and so on.

the session starts
anytime on 20 june 2011
and ends
11.59pm, 22 june 2011
so ladies, be ready... have fun!

and b4 u start just remember:
1. email me ur best price
2. write ur price under the subject.
do not write in the email coz i wont read...
for example: nyp-part2-2011-001: RM25

any inquiry? pls do not hesitate to email me @ how2shop@gmail.com